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or effortless beauty and optimal health everyday, Brow Works has invested in what is considered the latest “Beauty of Technology” breakthrough, the LightStim Professional LED Light Bed and LightStim Professional 2- Panel Lights.

Brow Works is proud to be one of the first owners of the ONLY FDA Cleared LightStim LED Professional Bed. Our clients will be among the first to benefit from this unprecedented new technology in Orange County.

Sunlight has been used to treat diseases and help the body heal itself naturally for thousands of years. Starting in the late 1990s, NASA scientists developed infrared light technologies to stimulate plant growth during shuttle missions. They then discovered the therapeutic healing effects of certain LED (light emitting diodes) light wavelengths on a cellular level.

Led by NASA, hundreds of published clinical trials and laboratory studies on LED light therapy showed growth increases of between 155-171% in normal epithelial cells and wound size decreases up to 36%. Improvements of greater than 40% were seen in musculoskeletal injuries of Navy SEAL members.

Today LED light therapy is the gold standard for skin rejuvenation and health and widely used by dermatologists and medical doctors alike.

The First LED Bed to gain Over-The-Counter
FDA Clearance

The only US manufacturer of LED equipment for professional use and the only company to prove effectiveness of LED technology through clinical trials.

FDA Cleared to temporarily relieve muscle, joint, and arthritic pain and increase local blood circulation

The Lightstim Difference

How led light therapy works

Just like plants, our skin and other body tissues have the ability to absorb light from the sun and convert it into energy. The LED bed, panels and handhelds radiate UV-free, beneficial light rays that energize cells and stimulate the body's natural process to build new proteins and regenerate cells similar to how plants benefit from sunlight.

the LightStim MultiWave®

The LightStim Patented Technology emits multiple wavelengths (colors) of light which work together to increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation and promote total body wellness.


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“Chronic, invisible inflammation sustained over a lifetime is the underlying cause of all aging.”
Dr. Peter T. Pugliese (TIME Magazine, 1989)

As part of the Brow Works Experience, clients first schedule a consultation
to discuss their medical history and treatment goals before booking a treatment date.

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Light Works Annual Membership

Unlimited use of the LightStim Professional LED bed. One 40-minute session per day.

Light Works Monthly Membership

Unlimited use of the LightStim Professional LED bed. One 40-minute session per day for the month.

Light Works Series

One 40-minute session per day. Package of 3, 6 and 10 sessions available.

Light Works “Try Out” Session

Try out the LightStim Professional LED bed complimentary the first time. One 40-minute session.
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