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row Works Founder and Philanthropist Jana Williams is committed to helping women achieve their full potential. She opened Brow Works to make it possible for women at any age to embrace effortless beauty. Less is more – but for most women, looking natural requires work and daily maintenance. The answer is here.

Well-groomed eyebrows, defined eyes and shapely lips are the beauty obsessions of the decade. The new beauty secret behind this trend is permanent makeup, a safe, natural and long-lasting procedure that accentuates your natural eyebrows, eyes and lips.

Founded in 2016, Brow Works is a private bespoke beauty bar for today’s modern woman. We create flawless natural-looking permanent makeup that lasts for one to three years and gradually fades in time. We work closely with each client using the latest advanced techniques and equipment and safe disposable products.

The definition of luxury is something rare and available to only a select few but Brow Works hopes to turn that around. We have many successful women clients but a highlight for Jana remains doing permanent makeup for disadvantaged women and giving them the gift of confidence.

Brow Works Does Good Work

Beauty is beyond skin deep at Brow Works. The real power in beauty comes from a woman’s confidence, spirit and passion, which drive every aspect of her life.

We believe that beauty begins with human kindness and support in our own community. Brow Works donates permanent makeup services to homeless women at the Casa Teresa Homeless Shelter for Pregnant Women. As the company grows, Jana’s wish is to continue expanding its services for women in need.

Be a Brow Angel

Every time a client gets their brows done, Brow Works will donate $25 to the Guardian Angels program at the Casa Teresa Homeless Shelter for Pregnant Women.  Our Brow Angels will help pregnant mothers and their babies with housing, education and special programs to start their new lives together.

About Jana

Beauty is something I love. Since I was little, I’ve aspired to be in the beauty business. I’ve had many successful careers from dentistry to estate management but I found my calling when I discovered my passion for doing BROWS which led to my beauty journey! The smile on my clients’ faces when they see their new look is priceless.

I’ve always dreamed BIG and tell my children, Alexandra, Joey and Morgan, “You can be anything you want to be!” My philosophy is simple, have a good work ethic and help others. I always strive to set an example for my kids to be strong, independent and self-sufficient.

Philanthropy is a big part of my life. It’s fun to create the perfect arch but what I really love is that my clients can donate to women in need when they get their brows done through the BW Brow Angels Club. We can pay it forward together.

I continue to dream and have other big exciting plans in the works… Stay tuned!

We hope to see you at Brow Works soon.

Brow Time!

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